Lockdown Thread

1/ A small thread about creativity and life.

2/ I started playing piano when I was seven. But for many years, I struggled to sight read music.

3/ The reason for this was really simple – I didn’t practice, because I was afraid of getting it wrong. And so every week I had to wing it for my piano teacher, who saw through me pretty quickly. She was old school – and reprimanded me for being lazy.

4/ This reprimanding, for a fearful little kid, began a cycle. I wouldn’t practice, because now I was doubly fearful. I’d go to lessons, I’d be reprimanded. And so on.

5/ It took me another five years to learn how to sight read at a basic level. And it was a real struggle.

6/ For the rest of my piano playing career, I did the bare minimum. I got by on natural ability.

7/ By the time I was twenty one, I hated playing the piano. And so I quit.

8/ Now, even though I have a piano at home, I’m still hesitant to play. There is still fear.

9/ When I think about that key moment at seven years old – I wish someone had sat me down and showed me the benefits of small, achievable steps when practicing.

10/ It took me a very long time to realise those steps are basically the rub of it all.

11/ So the moral of this story is – embrace the small steps.

© 2021 Damien Cassar