Maker & Creator Podcast

Talking honestly about myself is not a strong suit, so where would I finally choose to do so? On a podcast of course! Thanks to Jye Smith (instagram: @doublestarco) and Alex Adams (instagram: @msdarlinghurst) at the Maker & Creator podcast for having me. We cover my career, identity, storytelling, the mental illness bogeyman and the […]

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Last week I wrapped up my full time gig at Engine Room Productions. Not going to lie, I’m feeling pretty emotional. When I started at ERP five years ago I was on the verge of quitting this business. Five years later I’m still here – because ERP gave me a platform to find my voice […]

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Power Ballad Rap

Pretty much a dream brief to dunk my head into every bad 80s music video (and their “special effects”) that I could find to create a ridiculous power ballad rap about pedestrian safety for North Sydney Council. Also a career highlight to see the article title “Humorous Rap Infused Pop Ballad Calls Attention to Traffic […]

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